What is Results Oriented Coaching?

Results Oriented Coaching is a systematic coaching process that ensures the success of our coaching for our clients. We don’t believe in coaching programs that serve as nothing more than touch points or feel good coaching. Our coaching ensures accountability and focuses on tasks, goals, and outcomes. Our clients have the clarity and structure needed to set their goals and achieve the outcomes they desire.

Coaching clients identify the type of coaching they need: accountability coaching, career coaching, or life coaching.

Within each coaching program, we work with clients to:
• Establish clear goals, objectives, and outcomes during the coaching program
• Clarify what’s truly important to the client
• Continually assess motivation and purpose
• Define a clear plan and timeline for success
• Measure results – Implement, evaluate and adjust for results

Goals, objectives, and outcomes: It is critical to determine what success will look like. We work with the client to determine the goal of coaching, the outcomes desired, and the objectives needed to achieve them. This ensures every coaching session can work towards achieving specific, measurable results.

What’s truly important: Clients often enter coaching believing they want to achieve a goal that they actually have no desire to work on. We help clients assess what’s truly important and reframe goals to match the client’s true needs. We will challenge beliefs, assumptions, and purpose to best coach the client toward achieving what’s truly important.

Motivation and purpose: Once we establish what’s truly important, motivation and purpose become much easier to reinforce. If we find a lack of motivation, we often revisit what’s truly important. It is difficult to make progress without having motivation and purpose. The client will learns to monitor motivation throughout coaching and what to do to get back on track when deviating from their purpose.

Plan and timeline: Defining a clear plan and timeline for success is critical to reaching your goals. We will establish a general timeline for achieving the main goals and specific outcomes desired from coaching. We will also work on developing strategic day-to-day action plans, to-do lists, and objectives to work towards your larger goals and outcomes.

Measure results: Throughout coaching, we will evaluate progress and measure results. Our results oriented coaching is a process of continuously making improvements and adjustments that move you toward desired goals and outcomes. This ensures accountability and efficiency during the coaching process. It also serves as a check against what’s truly important to the client, what goals, objectives, and outcomes the client truly wants to achieve, and helps with making adjustments within the coaching program as needed.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is exactly what it sounds like. Coaching for improving your life. A life coach helps a person with their life and tough situations that they may be encountering. A life coach can effectively help you get your life into order and create organization as well as a great outlook on life in general. Many people don’t realize how much of a help a life coach can be for someone who is trying to get their life together. Life coaches are trained solely for the purpose of helping others, which is why it is very important to consult with a life coach that has had such training.

Although many people feel that it isn’t hard to become a life coach, those that are life coaches beg to differ. Becoming a life coach is much more that just listening to someone else’s problems or allowing them to cry on their shoulder, which is what many people don’t understand. A life coach has to know what questions to ask an individual as well as what tough questions to ask. Not only that but they also have to have certain tactics and methods to aiding the person and fixing their problems within their life.

It is very important that when you are searching for a life coach that you pick very carefully. Many people will claim to be a life coach but won’t carry out the true duties involved in being a life coach to someone. You want to make sure that you are choosing a person that has had experience in the field of fixing problems and tough life situations. It also helps out if a person has reliable sources from past clients that can vouch that the life coach did indeed help them organize their life and also helped them fix tough problems that they went through in their life.
A life coach’s main goal is to help with the motivation of a client. In a sense a life coach can become your own personal cheerleader when you accomplish the goals that your life coach has set for you. Realize that your life coach wants to see your life changed in a positive way and this means listening, motivating, and guiding their clients in the right direction so that this can be accomplished.

Although there are many different reasons why a person would choose to incorporate a life coach in their lives, as long as you follow the strategies and help given from your life coach, you are sure to get your life back on track… the right way! So if you yourself are having troubles in your life and feel like your life is in complete shambles and disorganization, then hiring your very own personal life coach may just be your ticket to having the structured and organized life you have always dreamed of.

What is accountability coaching?

Accountability coaching is a form of life coaching specifically designed to hold someone accountability for specific tasks that they want to achieve. It is typically a less involved form of coaching because the client doesn’t need help with setting goals, determining objectives, or establishing outcomes…they simply need help actually getting things done. While our accountability coaching will still involve all five of our core coaching processes, assessing motivation and purpose as well as defining a clear plan and timeline for success are most critical within accountability coaching.

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is a form of life coaching specifically designed to help someone improve their career. Career coaching is often specific to finding a new career, a new job, or getting a promotion. Career coaching can involve helping the client determine which jobs to look for, how to apply for jobs, rewriting a resume, improving interview skills, or improving job skills. It is typically a more involved form of coaching because the client has a specific timeline that is usually more urgent. As with our other coaching, career coaching will involve all five of our core coaching processes. Assessing motivation and purpose as well as clarifying what’s truly important to the client are most critical within early stages of career coaching.