Starting a Home Business In Photography

A home photography business doesn’t necessarily require formal photography training. What it does require is a passion for photographic art, an artistic flair, the technical skills to operate the equipment and the ability to market the business.
Someone who is still in high school or college can start out preparing for a home photography business by taking photos for the yearbook or the student newspaper. A basic photography course would be very helpful as well. Nowadays it’s good to know how to operate both a 33 mm and a digital camera. Local community colleges often have very reasonably priced community education courses, many that involve just one class in the evening or on the weekend. Colleges that offer Lifelong Learning Centers for folks 50+ have courses as well, and some of these are taught by very experienced retired home photography business professionals and little or no cost.
There are many types of photography and the home photography business entrepreneur may want to specialize, perhaps in photography for news organizations such as the local daily or weekly paper, in advertising photography for local magazines and local firms that need to market their products. One of the most common forms of home photography business is for events and celebrations such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, and other events. These can be especially lucrative as repeat business and excellent multiple referrals.
Travel photographers have exciting home photography business lives, although it takes a lot of skill and a lot of travel expense and practice photography before that first paid vacation is finely paid for.
Some folks create a home photography business working as photojournalists or specializing in medical or science photographers. While quite lucrative, these almost require a four year degree with extensive photography and communication training. A college photography internship is a wonderful foot in the door for a home photography business as well.
A portfolio is a must for building clientele for a home photography business. This means taking lots and lots of unpaid photo shots to show off exceptional talent to potential clients.
Helpful ways to learn the ins and outs of home photography and a home photography business are by working as an assistant to a photographer, by joining associations and organizations of fellow photographers and by attending seminars and workshops on home business and photography.
There are also much cheaper ways to learn them directly from your home by downloading eCourses from the web.

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The Myth Of AutoShip

AutoShip, or the automatic delivery of products or services on a monthly basis primarily serves two functions: 1) To create consistent consumption and repeat purchases of that product or service by the consumer; 2) Customer convenience, by eliminating the need for the customer to have to repeatedly reorder the same products or services over and over again.
Unfortunately, the benefits of AutoShip for either of the above purposes are vastly overrated. It is true that network marketing companies would love to see their customers continue to come back month after month to make repeat purchases. However, in reality, it simply doesn’t work that way. Unless you have a product or service that by nature is generally delivered via ongoing subscription, i.e., newspapers and magazines, utilities (including communications and Internet), insurance, loans, financial services, etc., just getting the customer to agree to go on AutoShip is no guarantee that they won’t cancel it.
Many companies and their representatives like to rely on the fact that a certain percentage of customers will indeed stay on AutoShip for extended periods for no other reason than habit, and/or because they simply don’t know how to cancel it. Is that really the position that you want your customers to be in, though? People who are buying your product simply because they forgot or don’t know how to cancel the recurring AutoShip order?
Most friends and associates tend to view me as a well organized person. And certainly I’m not one to waste money. Yet, despite that, I will admit that in any given year it is not uncommon for me to spend anywhere from several hundred to over one thousand dollars on products and services that I simply didn’t have time (or didn’t know how) to cancel. It is not by accident that many companies make it easy to sign up for the automatic delivery of their products or services, but provide no easy way to cancel.
In the case of one MLM related service that I decided to try out, not only was there no way to cancel online, but their Contact form didn’t work, so there was, seemingly, no way to send them an email either! At first, they provided only a Contact form and no email address. When eventually I found an email address and sent an email asking them to cancel my account there was no reply! Finally I found a phone number and called them, and even then they often had problems with their voicemail box being full or not taking messages, etc.
So, while it is possible to retain some customers longer simply because it’s easy for them to signup for AutoShip but not so easy to cancel, again, do you really want your customer to feel like he or she is being held hostage?
Ideally, you should have high quality products and services that are well understood and in demand by your customers. Customers should continue ordering because they WANT or NEED your product or service, and not simply because it’s on AutoShip.
In the majority of cases, companies, and their representatives, want people on AutoShip for ONE reason and one reason only, to attempt to extract ongoing consistent revenue from that customer. At least from the company’s standpoint, that’s the real bottom line. And, from both the company’s standpoint and that of the representative, that AutoShip may very well be tied to that representative achieving or maintaining a certain compensation level, often with names like Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Executive, etc. The more money you spend each month (especially on AutoShip) the more money you qualify for in the compensation plan. Often this results in inflated and/or artificial consumption. In other words, people either buying things they don’t really need, and/or buying more than they really need.
Rule #1 For Keeping AutoShip Under Control: For your own long term financial success and in the best interests of your customers, is to make sure that you buy only what you need! If you need a particular product or service delivered every month and in that quantity, great. If not, don’t agree to have it continue to be auto-shipped to you.
Rule #2 is to remember that, whether as a representative or a customer, YOU are the ultimate consumer and purchaser. It’s your money! Therefore, it should be up to you as to when and how much of it you spend. Don’t be intimidated by your company or upline into buying more than you need, or fall into the trap of trying to make your representatives and customers to do the same (buy more than they need on AutoShip).
In the short run you may make less money than if your numbers are artificially inflated by people buying more on AutoShip than they really want to. But, in the long run, you’ll have a stronger customer and rep base, and your representatives and customers will respect you far more for keeping their best interests in mind by encouraging them to buy your products and services because they want and need them, and in the quantities they need them in.
At the very beginning of this article ‘Customer Convenience’ was mentioned as one of the reasons that companies claim to offer AutoShip.
However, after decades of experience ordering a multitude of products worth tens of thousands of dollars, and watching others do the same, I’m absolutely convinced that AutoShip can be just as much an inconvenience as it is a convenience.
And please let me be quick to point out that, yes, I absolutely DO have products and services that to this very day are delivered to me each and every month on AutoShip. I’ll go even further by sharing with you that in just one category, nutritional products, I order as much as $400 to $600 PER MONTH worth of those kinds of products.
HOWEVER, in a ‘slow’ month I might order as little as $100 to $150 worth of product. So, you might be wondering, why the difference, and what do I mean by a ‘slow’ month?
Just one example: Health Packs (or Paks). Keep in mind that this is most commonly applicable to health and nutritional products, but it can apply to many other products and services as well.
Most health and wellness companies offer at least one, ‘Health Pack,’ which they’ve stocked with items they feel that most people would always want to purchase every month. Again, these packages may also be designed to qualify the representative for a particular level in the company’s compensation plan.
The problem with this approach is that, especially if it is a pack that contains many varied products, it is highly unlikely that you will consume all of its contents equally over the entire month. So, at the end of the month it is very possible that you’ll end up with too much, or too little, of some of the products included in any given package.
If you just keep ordering that same package then before long you’ll end up with a whole surplus of some items, and perhaps run short on others. That’s what I mean by a ‘slow’ month. Slow months for me are those months where the previous months’ AutoShips have caused me to be overstocked on certain items. If I end up getting overstocked on many if not most items, then I may only spend as little as $100 to $150 that month buying just the few items that I’m running out of. On the other hand, if it is a month during which I’ve almost run out of everything, or soon will be, then I can easily spend as much as $400 to $600 purchasing all of the health and nutritional products that I might typically buy in any given month.
Do I continue to keep receiving products on AutoShip every month even when I already have too many, or don’t need them? Absolutely not! If I see that I’m getting too stocked up on certain items then I’ll remove those items from my AutoShip order for that month. Some companies let you put AutoShip on ‘pause’ and then resume it again when you are ready for exactly this reason. However, if no such options are provided I am not at all shy about simply canceling my AutoShip order for a particular month altogether. Then, when I see that I’m going to be running low on those items, I’ll go back on AutoShip.
Especially if you are new to receiving products on AutoShip, be sure to familiarize yourself with your company’s policy for submitting changes or cancellations to your order. Some companies will allow you to literally change your order almost at the last minute. More commonly, however, they will have a policy that states that you must do so well prior to the actual AutoShip date, sometimes by as much as 10 days in advance! If your company has such a policy and you wait until after the deadline you may be unable to stop your AutoShip for that month, even if you don’t need any more of the product!
To summarize:
1. Emphasize the value of your products and services so that both you and your customers are purchasing because they need and want your products, and not just to meet some compensation plan requirement. Ask yourself, ‘if I weren’t personally involved in this company, would I still be buying this product?’
Almost all of the products and services that I mentioned above that I buy, sometimes to the tune of as much as $400 to $600 a month, are for my personal consumption only and not at all because I’m trying to qualify for a spot somewhere in a company’s compensation plan. In fact, in most cases, I do not push the opportunity at all, and in most have never signed up even a single rep. (Though I’m a huge fan of health and wellness and practice it daily, it just so happens that my primary focus is on building organizations outside of the strictly heath and wellness area.). So, I can definitely answer with a resounding, ‘yes,’ the question, ‘would I buy these products anyway even if no opportunity were involved.’
If you can answer, ‘yes,’ to that question and you happen to be in the health and wellness area, awesome! You’ll be much better off and build a stronger organization and customer base as a result.
2. Do not buy and certainly do not continue to receive on monthly AutoShip anything that you do not really want or need. Buy products because you actually intend to use them, and not just to qualify for a certain level of compensation.
3. Monitor your AutoShips and your usage of the products and be ready to adjust as needed, ordering more, or less, whenever necessary.
4. Finally, remember that YOU ultimately are in control and are the one who determines what you need, and in what quantity, and when. So, if you are simply getting too stocked up on certain items, or you simply don’t need them during a certain month, don’t be shy about canceling your AutoShip order if your company doesn’t give you more flexible options. You can always resume your AutoShip order when you are ready.
And, lastly, let me point out that, all things considered, as long as you actually need and want whatever products you are buying, then by all means DO take advantage of any specials, bonuses, and/or compensation plan benefits that you will enjoy by ordering on AutoShip. In other words, if your company offers advantages to placing your order on AutoShip, as opposed to placing a ‘regular’ order, there is nothing wrong with that. Very few companies have a policy that states that you won’t get those same advantages just because you don’t stay on AutoShip every single month. If you cancel your AutoShip this month for instance, naturally you probably won’t enjoy for that month any of the perks that are offered for being on AutoShip. However, when you DO decide to order again, if you place your order back on AutoShip, you’ll probably enjoy the same benefits as if you had been on AutoShip the entire time.
Some people like to shop at sales just because items are on sale. Hence the old saying, ‘no sale is a good sale if you don’t need the item that’s on sale!’ Likewise, AutoShip does have it’s place, but no benefit is likely to worth it if you are spending money each month buying products on AutoShip that you don’t really need or want.

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The Biggest Mistakes That People Make When Starting A Home Business…

When you’re starting a home business, it’s all too easy to make mistakes — after all, you’ve never done this before. Fortunately for you, though, you can learn from others’ errors, by making sure you don’t do any of these things.
Thinking Skills You Don’t Have Aren’t Important.
So you have no idea how to keep records and accounts, or you don’t know how to maintain a mailing list. You need to learn these things! Too many home business owners just do the things that they know how to do, and assume that they can probably get by without everything else.
You need to realise that when you’re running a home business, you’re going to need to do as much as you can for yourself, especially when you’re starting out. This means that you can’t get by if your business skills are lacking. I always say that everyone who is thinking of starting a business should take an inexpensive and quick local business course, and I stand by it — even if you think you’ll be fine, it can’t hurt, can it?
Not Managing Your Time.
When you’re used to working nine to five, an easy trap to fall into is not managing your time effectively. Your home is full of distractions, and there won’t be anyone there to tell you to get on with it. If you’re prone to daydreaming or procrastinating then this can be disastrous — whole days can go by with only tiny amounts of work getting done.
You need to be sure that you have a schedule, and you stick to it. Draw a clear line between work and non-work time, and don’t cross the line in either direction. Apart from that, the word to remember is ‘prioritise’: appreciate that you won’t always be able to do everything, but make sure you get at least the important things done.
Making Clients Think You’re a Joke.
There are many home businesses where clients might need to visit your home — but make sure it’s fit for visiting! You can’t lead them into a messy office, or be holding your dog back from barking at them when you first meet. Remember that professionalism is important, and it’s too easy to end up looking silly if you don’t plan how you’re going to make a good impression when you invite people to your home.
If you can’t afford a ‘business annex’ to your house, then consider hiring someone to look after your dog or children for a few hours while you have a business meeting there. It might also be worth paying a cleaner to give the place a quick once-over, if you haven’t had time to clean up for a while.
Not Specialising.
Too many home businesses, when asked who their target market is, say ‘well everyone, silly’. Your target market is never everyone — if it is, you will fail. You can’t just choose an industry and advertise your new-found profession to everyone, in the hope that someone will work out that the fact you’re an electrician means maybe they should ask you about re-wiring their house.
The key to success is this: think about what you can do, and then market that to people who will want it. Advertise in places where these people are. If your business has no target market, then you have no business, period.
Making Start-Up Costs Too High.
Finally, too many people overestimate how much money it’s going to take to start a home business. Do you really all brand-new equipment? If you’re spending thousands of dollars before you’ve made any sales at all, you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment.
Start your business on a shoestring, work hard, and expand gradually — otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a big fall. However much you might think you ought to do things ‘properly’, you need to make sure that you’re minimising costs and maximising profit every step of the way, otherwise you’re failing yourself as a home business owner. It’s when you start to get some bigger clients and better cashflow that you can start paying a little extra to make your business life more comfortable.

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How To Creating a Web Based Business, Part 1 of 5

People are turning to the Internet in droves looking to create an Online Web Business. It’s easy to see why when you think of the overall concept of working from anywhere and having your business online.

Why would anyone want to own an online business? Two things quickly come to mind. Time and money. You can earn a substantial income, whilst your time requirements decrease on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you get your web site up and running you simply need to tweak it on a weekly basis, thus the time required decreases as time goes by.

Today I’m going to talk about what I call vehicle selection. The vehicle in my example is the web site creation, marketing and maintenance. This is the foundation of your business and I would suggest choosing a very good one.

You can choose either to pay someone else to develop, and maintain your site or learn how to do so yourself. I was amazed to find out that with literally no experience I was able to find a company that would give me the step-by-step guidance necessary to both create, maintain a website and offer continuous support. The cost for this is in my opinion is unbelievably low.

The first thing you need to do is research, then you will need to choose whether you are going to develop your website or pay someone else to do it for you. If you want to keep the cost of your site overall to a minimum then keep reading this article. If you choose the latter than you can move on to Part (2) two of my (5) step process to creating an online business.

Now then, you are probably thinking that you don’t have any idea of where to start. You are probably quite sure that you do not have the skill sets necessary to do this on your own. If that is what you are thinking, join the crowd, because I was quite sure I could not do this on my own. Having hindsight comes in handy in this instance, because I can tell you now that the decisions I made early on saved me a ton of money, but more importantly gave me an understanding of my online business that I would not have had by paying someone else to do it for me. I have total control, yet I have the support necessary when needed to continue my growth.

Okay, now lets go to the next step. What did I look for when researching my vehicle? Here ya go:

* A time Proven System.

* A template web site that could easily be modified.

* Strong 24 hour support

* Minimal cost

* Step-by-step guidance on how to create, modify and maintain my site.

* Total control in the end of my Online Web Based Business.

In my opinion this is the foundation of your business and that is why doing the necessary, up front research, is so important. If you have read any of my other articles you will quickly realize that I always mention how important

research is to your success. I would suggest that you either do the research yourself or use a web site like mine, but not necessarily mine to locate your vehicle. Not doing the research utilizing one of these methods, in my opinion, will cost you time and money.

Please feel free to read more of my articles by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

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A Successful Home Business – What You Need To Know

In order to have a successful home business, you do need to work at it. Even though you are working your own hours and you are your own boss, you still have to put in time growing your business. The power of the Internet lets you conduct international business because your website is available all over the world. The Internet has become the way people do business and has led to many people having their own very successful home business. It is very possible to set up a successful home business on the net without spending a lot of money.
If you want a successful home business, then you are not alone. This is something that everyone wants, whether it is on a part time or full time basis. Most people start working at home as a hobby and work at it until it becomes so successful they can quit their regular job and devote all their time to their home based business. You might be operating out of your garage or basement selling products that customers want. To become truly successful and reach the largest possible number of customers you do need to have an online presence with an international Internet business.
The best place to start setting up a successful home business is to find a product or service that customers need and that you really like. If you have a product that you don’t really care too much for, then you’re not really going to be that successful because you won’t want to spend time promoting it. When you set up your own website, you pay for the domain name and the web hosting and that’s it. That’s all you pay to have your own international Internet business.
Finding affiliate companies where you can sign up for free and add a link to your site is really simple. When customer click through your site and make a purchase, you make money with your successful home business too. It may be a percentage of the sale or a set dollar amount for each purchase.
You don’t have to worry about the cost of shipping products all over the world with an international Internet business. The affiliate company takes care of all that as well as processing the credit card orders. You don’t necessarily have to focus on one product because you can have many pages on your site. The successful home business owners are really diversified and offer many options to customers. The most successful home business sites right now tend to be in the field of travel, hard to get items, health products and exercise equipment. Become part of the Internet shopping experience and start your own successful business operating online out of your home.
You can have a successful home business on the internet, but you have to work at it. If you do then the opportunities are endless.

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Selecting The Best Home Based Internet Business – 5 Requirements That Must Be Met

When you are looking for the best home based Internet business is it easy to get carried away. On the Internet everybody claims to make big money from home and but for some dollars they are willing to share their secrets with you.
The truth is that there is no such thing as making easy money on the Internet ‘ you have to earn the money with your hard work.
Don’t spend your time and money on home-based business programs you don’t want to live with for a couple of months. That’s what it takes to become successful.
Select the best home based Internet business from the start and here are the criteria that will help you get going.
Requirement #1: Not ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.
If it sounds to good to be true ‘ it probably is. You can find a lot of programs were you are paid for doing unqualified work or you get an unreasonable return on money invested. Don’t buy it. If overnight riches are your dream, your odds are probably better playing the lottery than going into business ‘ any business.
Requirement #2: No start-up fee.
If you have pay to get started ‘ the focus of the business is probably not on helping you becoming a business partner. You are the customer and the basic idea is selling product and services.
Requirement #3: Residual income opportunities.
Residual Income is income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, from work you do just ONCE. It’s like a royalty. An example would be writing a book or recording a song and getting paid forever on it.
Requirement #4: Leveraged income opportunities.
Leveraged Income is earning money through other people’s efforts. There are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, there’s only so much you can earn through your own efforts.
Criteria #5: You don’t have to stock or deliver products.
It really doesn’t matter if the products you are marketing are physical- or information products as long as somebody else handle orders and shipping. If you are happy to keep stock or be responsible for delivery a home-based Internet business is maybe not what you are looking for in the first place.
Starting home-based Internet business can change your life ‘ give you more freedom and be very profitable ‘ but only if you pick a sound business.
Even if you find a home business that meet the 5 requirements you will have to work hard to succeed. But your effort will build on a healthy foundation.
You will still need some luck, but it is true what is said ‘ the harder you work the luckier you get.

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Choosing The Right Home Based Internet Business

Copyright 2006 Donovan Baldwin
Opportunities to start your own business used to divide themselves into two basic classes. The opportunity was either a home based business, or you set up a brick-and-mortar business. For years, there was a core of home business standbys such as Avon, Tupperware, Fuller Brush, and Mary Kay. In those days, the men had the jobs, and the women were looking for a way to make money part time. Gradually, as the work force expanded, other industries got the idea, and organizations such as Amsoil synthetic motor oils, began to make their appearances. Over time, and with the rise of Amway, the home based business gained in apparent legitimacy and people from all walks of life began to chase the dream of, if not being filthy rich, then at least being able to fire their boss and work on their schedule.
Unfortunately, con artists and businesses that should have not been unleashed on an unsuspecting public got wind of this and realized that, for many, the product or service provided was not as important as the chance to make money…lots of money!
Today, even well-meaning, well-governed companies with excellent products sometimes use the lure of “easy money” as their main enticement into their particular home based business. This IS the lure that will attract many, and, in that it is so easy and they fell for it themselves, many who sign up with these companies also use the promise of potential wealth as their main marketing tool in the muddy waters of recruiting. They are not completely to blame for this. Obviously, they would not lean so heavily upon the claim if it was not successful in luring those who believe that picking the “right” home business will make them rich…overnight!
With the advent of the internet, a whole new world, literally, of opportunities has come to light. All that was available before as a home business opportunity is now available as a home based internet business opportunity. While many old reliables have adapted and now have at least minimal online programs, the old scammers and borderline businesses have come with them. In fact, the internet now provides so many so-called, and real, business opportunities that finding an honest, genuine, reliable opportunity can seem daunting to the beginner.
Therefore, we are going to review a few points that someone hoping to start a home based internet business should consider.
1. Know thyself. Despite the claims, home businesses, worked in your pajamas as I am at this moment, require work and dedication. It is Sunday morning, and I worked every day last week. Some days I only worked two hours, but I have committed every day last week to my home based internet business.
The upside is that I worked less than 40 hours, I worked at home, I started and stopped when I felt like it, and I occasionally chose to work on things just because that’s what I felt like doing at the moment. Also, I have achieved a personal point in my online business activities that I can knock off for a few days without present business suffering. You will have to work to grow your business, especially at first, and if you are not willing to do the work…don’t start.
2. Know thyself part two. An important factor for success for many people is going to be how well they mesh with the business they have chosen. The more knowledge of and interest in that business that you have within your being, the more likely you are to succeed. My first truly successful home based internet business came to fruition when I selected a product that I truly believed in, a company that I had respect for, a service that I knew something about, and which fulfilled one of my own needs so completely that I had no problem enthusiastically singing its praises.
Notice that “love of money” was not found it that list. When I first became involved in network marketing, internet marketing, and multi-level marketing, I failed miserably. In every instance, I chose business opportunities based on the excitement of greed and with a get-rich-quick mentality rather than the excitement of being able to share a great opportunity and product with others who could use its benefits.
3. Know the industry. This is an important point. Please understand, I do not mean to imply that you must be intimately knowledgeable in this area, but you cannot be totally ignorant either. It will be easier to assimilate knowledge if you already have at least SOME interest in, and awareness of, the company’s area of action. If, for example, you decide to sell a health related product but are not the least bit aware of, or interested in, your own health or that of other people, you are going to have difficulty succeeding.
On the other hand, if you encounter a product that you don’t know that much about, but it has worked well for you and it is obvious how the lives of others could be improved by the product or service, then you have a good start on the knowledge base you need. You will be able to promote THAT product with vigor because you know how it works, and you know that it DOES work.
4. Know the company. Almost any reputable business which offers these types of business opportunities will charge a registration fee. These payments may range from a few dollars to several hundred. Due to the wide range of companies involved and the differences in their support packages, it is difficult to compare one to the other. Some of these entitle you to various levels of support, a professionally designed website, promotional materials, or differing levels of potential income. This is NOT an unrealistic demand when you consider the expenses involved in dealing with all the inquiries and demand for support a good company might expect to receive from what is generally a large group of tire-kickers.
No offense intended, but most people who ask for information will not sign up, and only a few of those who sign up will actually get down to business and do the WORK necessary to grow their new home based internet business.
As with anything that offers to take your money, YOU should take the time to find out if the company you are dealing with has a reputation for honesty and integrity. How long has it been in business? What kind of support and promotional materials can you expect to receive for your hard-earned money? Will you get a website? What does it look like? Will the website take orders for you? If I seem to be leaning heavily on the internet aspect, it is because a professionally designed website that does the selling and processes the orders can, by itself, be worth the money you pay the company to register for their services.
Just as an aside, even the best company-provided websites are often not very search engine friendly. Many new marketers take a look at their fantastic new site, submit the link to a few search engines and believe that’s the end of their internet marketing program. Even the most fully search engine optimized site will not be successful without some actual internet marketing going on in the background. Learning this side of the business is part of the homework you will have to assign yourself and complete if you desire to be successful. This goes back to item #1 above. If you are not willing to do the work, the work that MUST be done, will NOT be done. You are the owner, but you are also the staff, and you must assign your staff reality based missions, and your staff must satisfy the boss (you) by diligent performance.
In the final analysis, we are all different, and there is no way that any one home based internet business opportunity will satisfy everyone. I know a man who became a millionaire with a multi-level marketing business. When I asked if he was interested in joining me in a telecom opportunity (which I had joined because I wanted to make money), he declined, saying that he just did not enjoy working with those sorts of businesses and had never made any money with them. Neither did I.
Look inside and be true to who you are. Join yourself to an honest, reputable company that you understand and whose products you respect, and then get out there and work, and you have a chance to build a successful home based internet business.

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Kick Home Improvement Up a Notch with Eclectic Home Decor

When was the last time you updated your home decor? Does your home improvement plan regularly incorporate home decor ideas? If not, you’re not alone. Although most people are conscientious about keeping up with home repairs, they often neglect interior design. They may regularly shop at home improvement stores, but never set foot in home decor supply stores. As a result, walking into their homes is like a flash from the past – the equivalent of seeing someone wearing bell-bottom jeans or a polyester disco shirt.

Times change, and home decor interiors need to change as well. Let’s take country decor as an example. The blue walls, the rose carpeting, the dried flower arrangements, the wallpaper borders, and the cross-stitch wall hangings all had their place – a decade or two ago. Today, those stuffed bunnies, ceramic roosters, and hanging hearts are simply outdated.

If you’re stuck in the past when it comes to home decor, it’s time to start fresh. But rather than adopting the latest trendy home furnishings – which will look outdated in a few years – opt for a look that is timeless.

Achieving that kind of timelessness isn’t difficult; it’s simply a matter of bringing together wall treatments, window treatments, and furnishings that provide the backdrop for your tastes and preferences. The best way to describe this approach is “eclectic.”

An eclectic approach to home decor dictates that you mix and match furnishings to achieve the look you desire. The idea of matching a wallpaper border to curtains and upholstery gets thrown out, and is replaced with an overarching theme. For example, if you want to have a tropical feel to a room, you may want to incorporate colors reminiscent of sand and palm trees, while brining in touches of color in accent pillows and throw rugs. A rattan magazine table or coffee table can enhance the theme without being over the top. If you have photos from a vacation in the Bahamas or Hawaii, put them in individual frames around the room. A large vase with birds of paradise and greenery can serve to add vibrancy to the room. Because the thematic touches are relatively minor, it becomes easy to freshen up the room when you’re ready for a change.

Keep in mind that the overarching theme of your eclectic home decor can simply be a reflection of your life and interests. By keeping the colors neutral and selecting pieces that will withstand the test of time, you can concentrate on the personal items that hold the most meaning for you. For example, you can invest in a high quality sectional couch and a bookcase that will never go out of style, and then select the belongings you would like to showcase. The key to decorating is quality over quantity, so instead of displaying all of your treasured items, choose no more than a dozen. This enables you to avoid the “noise” that clutter generates and will allow each of the pieces to stand out. Keep other meaningful pieces in storage bins and rotate them into your home decor every few months.

Adopting an eclectic approach to home decor and incorporating interior design into your home improvement plan will ensure that your surroundings will stay fresh and up-to-date.

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Got A Busy Life? You Need A Home Based Business!

These days just about everybody needs more money. Gas prices are high and going higher, interest rates keep inching up, prescription and insurance rates are hitting new records, and the cost of raising a child is triple what it was when we were kids.
Add to that, jobs aren’t what they used to be. Studies show one worker is now doing what three workers were expected to do 20 years ago. You work your fingers to the bone and all for pay that never seems to improve. Your average corporate job now requires 60 hours of work per week, stagnant pay, and little chance of longterm stability.
If any of this sounds familiar to you — and for millions of us it should — YOU are exactly the kind of person who needs their own home-based business.
Running a business out of your house or apartment is the perfect way to earn plenty of extra cash. Usually your overhead is almost nonexistent (no office rent, employees, or additional utilities) and often you can deduct from your taxes everything from part of your mortgage payment to other house-hold expenses.
“That sounds GREAT!” you say, “but I’ve got to keep working my job. I hardly have time to sit down, much less run my own business!”
Don’t worry. These days big advances in automated marketing, outsourced selling, and automatic product delivery mean you can literally run your home-based business in your sleep. I know people running these kinds of business who are earning thousands per week while working as little as a few minutes per week. All they do is check their sales statistics and pull their checks out of the mailbox.
Here’s how it works:
Modern search engine marketing pulls in huge numbers of targeted prospects to state of the art web sites. These sites educate the prospect and send the best to a professional sales team who separate the real business builders from the tire-kickers. Only then, when the sales team has pre-sold the customer, are these folks delivered to you. They’re raring to go and want to buy or join your program NOW!
With this kind of system you can sell your existing products or service OR simply sell the system to others. I typically earn several thousand dollars per sale.
And that brings us to the next point. This kind of very advanced marketing and sales program can easily sell high-priced products. Instead of getting little one and two dollar commissions like most MLM, direct sales, and affiliate programs offer, you earn thousands per sale.
Best of all, you do very little work with this kind of advanced system. You don’t need special training, ability, or even much money to get started. You simply turn on the switch, sit back, and watch the cash roll in.
Years go this might have been too good to be true, but today’s completely automated home-based businesses are the real thing. And they’re coming at a time when millions of people world-wide could make very good use of them.

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Secrets Of The Online Money Makers

Making money online used to be easier. With fewer websites, it was easier for people to find you. This is not true any longer. Still, some people do well online. What are the secrets of online money makers?
The secrets of online money makers are mostly common sense. If you want to make money online, do something you love. Then realize that this is going to take time and effort.
Many people are looking for quick riches or easy wealth. The secret of online money makers is that they are prepared to work hard. They choose something they love so that they stay motivated.
Online money makers learn everything they can about promoting their particular form of making money. They don’t expect immediate wealth. They work on their business daily and continue to learn as they grow.
Promotion is a critical secret of online money makers. Promotion helps customers find them. Sometimes the rules of search engines change, and online money makers keep up with these changes. It’s what they do for a living.
Good customer service is another essential secret of online money makers. You want customers who will come back and customers who will tell others about you. It’s no longer just word of mouth when a business serves somebody well. Now that customer might tell some friends in an email, who will tell other friends, and word can get around pretty fast. They can also post their reviews at various websites, which can gain you more customers.
The secrets of online money makers are not any different than making money any other way. It’s about doing what you love, working hard, learning to promote, and serving the customer well. If you can do that, you can make money online.
Learn how to go about learning these techniques and start to bring about change in your life right here, right now at

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