Looking for LEGITIMATE work at home opportunities ? Here is a List !

Have you been looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity that would allow you to earn a steady income, working from the comfort of your own home ? Like you I too get interested in earning money online 1 year back. My quest to find legitimate work from home jobs began in 2004 and continued until this year when I finally received my first paycheck. I have been scammed a few times and believe me it is no fun, but even then I went on searching for legitimate work at home opportunities. So it is quiet hard to find a legitimate work from home opportunity among all the scams and schemes ?
More and more people are using the Internet to generate additional, supplementary streams of income. Finding home based work can be a fruitful way to earn an income from home. However, the path to success can be very perilous and there are several possible pitfalls. Many people on the internet have been wondering if it is possible that they can actually make any money on the internet at all.
Don’t lose faith. There are REAL work at home jobs out there. Be aware though, a lot of competition is out there for these positions. Most of the people I know who work from home have spent alot of time researching and searching before they found a position. Its safe to say you could be looking for as long a 6 months to a year before you happen across something.
Well I am enlisting legitimate work at home opportunities.
1. Google Adsense : Earning money with your site, no matter the topic, has become easier than it’s ever been before. Every website owner should be involved in this. It’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Put Google Adsense ads on your website. That’s so easy. Every time a visitor to your site clicks one of these ads, you make money. If you don’t have a website, consider making one as magical Google AdSense allows you to earn money through every page of your website. If you are serious in making money online, this may be your niche.
2. Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are the ultimate in legitimate work at home business opportunities. An affiliate sends a customer to a merchant and is paid a percentage of the sales that customer generates. The concept is simple, but powerful. There is no doubt that the most successful group amongst online entrepreneurs are affiliates. Few are willing to go public about it but it is widely known that that there are a number of affiliates comfortably raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income every year.
3. Online Freelance Marketplace : Looking to earn extra income using your hard-won skills ? – Be a part of 1 billion Online Outsourcing Industry ! It matches up talented professionals from around the world with businesses that need services on a freelance basis. You can get Online projects in various area, like, Web site Design, Web Programming, Internet Marketing, Logo Design, graphic design, writing, translation etc and more in other categories.
4. Online Surveys : The real online paid survey sites are online divisions of market research companies. They pay you for your opinions, with many of them giving you cash rewards. Some of them enter you into prize draws or sweepstakes. These survey sites are all free to join. You have to only find them.
5. Virtual Call Centre : Work at Home and Earn an Excellent Income. Virtual call centres are coming up. Excellent income per hour from home. Virtual Call center projects can include order processing, reservations, enrollments, customer service, sales, market research, technical support etc. If you have prior experience of working as a call centre customer care executive this place is ideal for you to work from home.
6. Mystery Shopping : Earn money to eat, shop, see movie. It is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money by visiting retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants.
7. Make money by Blogging : So you want to make money by blogging. You don’t have to have your own personal blog and rely on Google Adsense Ads in order to make money blogging. Getting hired to blog means that you are paid for writing and posting the actual entries published to a blog.
8. Online Tutor : Are you a teacher or expert on any subject and wanna earn money out of your hard earned knowledge ? Then why not consider online teaching. Online teaching is an upcoming work opportunity which is taking shape of an industry.
9. Make money from photos : Want your photos to make money for you ? Submit your photos and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. Put your camera to good use and make money today !
10. Online Proofreader: Earn money from home by completing online proofreading and writing assignments. Receive payment each time you complete a proofreading project.
11. Online writer: Do you have skills to write articles, term papers, essays, book reports, etc then you can earn money by becoming a freelance writer.
12. Virtual assistant : Virtual Assistants are home-based entrepreneurs who take pride in providing fellow small business professionals with a wide range of office tasks, from administrative support to web design & maintenance.
13. Online/Offline Data entry : There are several websites of on-line marketplace providing data entry services/projects !
14. Hyline management : You can earn Rs – 20,000 per month by doing online work fro this company. For Indians Resident only !
Find work at home of your interest & wish you happy money making online !

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Drop Shipping Made Easy

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping can be a very effective and simple way to get involved in ecommerce. Many established online merchants are now turning to drop shipping as a method for minimizing stock on hand, decreasing overall shipping costs.

Drop shipping allows web site owners to send single/low quantity unit orders gathered on their web sites to manufacturers, or major warehouses, who in turn “drop ship” the items directly to the customers..

What are the Advantages of Drop Shipping?

– Because a warehousing company can buy in huge volumes, they will also be able to offer you the best prices on products and shipping, which will return a greater profit to you.

– There’s no capital investment and no need to invest in inventory.

– Using drop shipping allows you great flexibility in terms of product range – promote a dozen items or promote a thousand!

– Instead of worrying about inventory and delivery, you get to focus on listening to the market and discovering the products your visitors you want.

What Do I Need to Know to Select a Drop Shipper?

Many companies will have an interest in teaming up with you in a drop shipping arrangement as it’s an easy way for them to generate extra revenue, but there’s a number of points to consider and things to look out for:

Pricing Points

Don’t accept that the first drop shipper you come across unless they are willing to provide you a “Best Price Guarantee.”

Drop Ship Fees and Charges

Some companies will have a handling fee over and above freight costs – it’s important to know all the costs involved so you can calculate your profit margins accurately.


Are they using small private shipping companies or UPS? Will they ship internationally? You’ll want to be sure that their shipping methods will ensure your clients recieve their orders in one piece.

Also, keep in mind that you may need a specific type of shopping cart in order to handle drop shipping. Many shopping carts only allow for one “ship from” zip code in the configuration for freight calculations. If you are dealing with a number of drop-shippers you may have dozens of point-of-origin zip codes – and this can be a real headache if freight is based on distance.


Will the drop shipping company automatically debit your credit card on each order you submit, or can you get monthly payment terms? When you are starting out with a company, they are unlikely to offer credit, but it’s good to check if this will be possible once you’ve established credibility.

Support, Returns, and Refunds

The last thing you’ll want is to be caught up in a nasty situation where you have a number of returns – and have to cover the bill. Ask the drop shipping company about their return policy, what kind of support they’ll offer you for their products and about any guarantees associated with their products – and get it in writing.


How long has the company been around for? Do they respond to your requests for information rapidly and professionally? Young companies have the habit of going belly up quickly, or growing too rapidly and as a consequence basic good customer service suffers.

How Do I Get Started in Drop Shipping?

It’s fairly simple:

– Set up a web site that includes a Shopping Cart and credit card processing facilities, or setup an eBay or other auction account.

– Find suppliers of products you wish to sell that incorporate drop shipping as a business method.

– Open an account with them.

– Gather content and images relating to the products you’ve chosen, incorporate them on your site and shopping cart.

– Collect the order and payment from your site.

– Provide the supplier with the customer details.

– The supplier then bills you at the special price you have agreed upon; fulfills the order and sends it to your client – in most cases with labels referring to your business/web site instead of the company.

To Your Drop Shipping Success!

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Dental Drill Repair Franchises – The Ideal Work From Home opportunity

If you are looking for a home-based business then you should consider a dental drill repair franchise. A franchise will give you more chance of success, though there is an upfront cost to be borne. This will pay for your training in the business, including how to handle the financial side of things.
Dental drill repairs are necessary because of wear and tear in the bearings caused by use as well as by the essential heat sterilization of the hand piece recommended by FDA and other national bodies.
The hand-piece is the part that contains the moving parts, so this is the most commonly serviced item. Hand-pieces can be returned to manufacturers or repaired by third party contractors at a lower cost.
Dentists have to heat sterilize their hand-pieces between patients, so have between 8 and 12 hand-pieces each. Each hand-piece needs servicing several times a year. The manufacturers’ prices for this service are very high. This means that there is an opening for third party repair businesses.
Dental drill repair home businesses, including franchise opportunities are exploding. The work involved is very simple. All you need is a large, clean table or desk, preferably in a room you can set aside just for the business, because the pieces are small and you cannot be working surrounded by computers, books and papers.
Dental hand-pieces are powered by air turbine motors. Rebuilding these hand-pieces consists of taking them completely apart, replacing tiny ball bearings, O-rings, etc. and putting them back together again. Anyone who has replaced screws in spectacles has the dexterity required to do this.
There are other business opportunities in this field that are even more simple. You can simply collect the parts from dentists, post them away, then delivering the repaired parts back to the dentist with an invoice.

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Work At Home Moms And Dads! You Can Do It While Raising The Kids!!

Moms and dads who stay at home with their children can take advantage of the many work at home opportunities available online. The chance to work at home and earn money while staying home with the kids is wonderful. There are many reasons for a person to start working at home and many benefits of working at home. All it takes is a little understanding about working at home and a person can get started in finding their best home business.
There are so many reasons for a parent staying home with their children to start working at home. Some of the benefits of working at home are obvious, while others are a nice surprise. The following list outlines the reasons to work at home.
– There is nothing better than being able to stay at home with the kids while making money at the same time.
– A parent does not have to look for childcare, commute or even buy a special ‘work’ wardrobe.
– It is very convenient to work at home because it allows a parent to control their schedule, be their own boss and still maintain freedom to be with their kids.
– It gives a parent something to occupy their spare time and give them a little break from the kids.
– Working at home allows a parent to establish their identity beyond being a parent, just as they would if they worked outside the home.
These great reasons to work at home have convinced many people to give working at home a try. Once a person makes the decision to work at home they need to get started looking around. It is helpful if a person is prepared before starting to look.
There is some basic home office equipment that a person should have to make finding a work at home job easier. Not every job requires all of these things, but if a person has them they will have more opportunities available and therefore a better chance of finding a job. Here is the equipment list:
1. Computer – This is one piece of equipment that a person must have. Windows operating systems are the best with Windows XP being the preferred OS.
2. Internet Service – This is also a requirement. Dial up is fine, but there are more opportunities available for someone with a high speed connection.
3. Phone – For some jobs unlimited long distance is needed. If a person has dial up internet they should look into getting two phone lines.
4. Printer – Some jobs require a printer, but it may not be a necessity.
5. Word processing program – Certain jobs will require information be sent using certain programs.
These five things are the basics a person should have. Some jobs may require other special equipment, but they usually make it clear before hiring.
Once a mom or dad sees that staying home with their kids and working at home can be done they can start looking. Internet searches can bring up many opportunities and the many websites that are out there that focus on helping parents find work at home opportunities. It can be done and parents everywhere are finding out working at home is an amazing opportunity.

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Why Some Work At Home Programs Don’t Work!

Work at home programs have grown in popularity in recent years. You have access to millions of people with access to the Internet.There are hundreds of programs to choose from and millions of everyday people looking to work from home. Why do some work at home programs not work out for subscribers? I don’t claim to be an expert, but from my years on the Internet, experience as owner of a work at home web site; I will try my best to shed some light on this subject.

Every company whether it is an online company or traditional company has people who are unhappy after a purchase. There a more reasons than I can mention in an article on why this happens, but I am going to focus on a few that I have seen as an operator of and online web site. In fact the very thought of this article stems from feedback from users of my web site. Like any online business I sometimes get people who join a program through my site that find it is not a good fit for them.

What causes this to happen?

I have found that most of the time it’s that the customers expectations such as their short-term goals, long-term goals, work expectations and skill sets do not match up with the programs they have joined.

One example of this is a frequent visitor of my site joined a Data Entry program and decided it was not a good match with his particular skill set. He emailed me telling me of his problem. After emailing back and forth I gave him some ideas to think about. He decided to try the rebate program and it was a good match for his skill sets and expectations. He emailed me back stating that he thought it was the best program on the Internet. Others will prefer the Data Entry opportunities to other programs. Makes sense?

What I have found with many programs is that it is very important to match the following criteria between the programs and the subscriber.

1. What income goals you may have?

2. Do you want to simply create some additional income or build and online business?

3. How much extra time do you have?

4. What do you feel are the skill sets that we need to match up?

5. Does the person have the necessary discipline required to work from home, i.e. there is work that will have to be done.

6. Does the person have the patience required, because some programs generate income faster than others, however all programs take some time before getting paid.

You see if these don’t match up then folks will get frustrated and quit. There are more, but these are some of the important ones.

They may get frustrated and quit before achieving success if they are for example in a home based business program rather than a work at home program. Why?

The home business program, in my opinion, will create more income over the long-term and the time required on a weekly basis decreases. The problem is that it takes some time to get an online business up and running and profitable.

Many times people are looking for immediate income. Often time many will do a work at home program for income whilst building their online business. That’s just one example, but my point it is that the more the type of program joined does not match up with the customers expectations, short-term, long-term and financial goals the more there is a chance for failure.

All of the programs will require some effort. If they claim you don’t have to do anything then I would stay away, because it won’t be true. There are plenty of these types of ads that can be seen daily online.

I sometimes get email from subscribers that get matched up with the wrong types of programs and I always try my very best to solve their problem if I can.

No one has a crystal ball and despite whatever research I may do some companies are not what we expect them to be and it’s simply a bad program. We simply have to research as much as possible, revise our sites as needed and move on.

I always encourage visitors of my site to send me feedback as to the programs they join and their suggestions as to what types of programs we can add in the future. It helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the market place and it is one of the criteria I use when deciding whether a particular work at home or home based business opportunity stays on my site or not.

I get a lot of emails on a daily basis. I try my best to answer them all. I always enjoy the ones like the gentleman mentioned above. I may not enjoy the ones as much where a visitor is unhappy, but I appreciate their feedback and I try my best to help them when possible. Thankfully I have not received many of these. I don’t care what anybody says it makes you feel bad when you are unable to help a person that has joined a program using your web site. It sure makes you work harder to ensure you have the best programs you can find.

It is not possible on many of the programs, but I always encourage my visitors to look for the money back guarantee programs when possible. This way if it’s not a good fit you can request a refund. I try to include as many of these types of programs as possible on my site.

It is really gratifying when you can convert an unsuccessful endeavor into success by matching up the customer with the program that is best for them.

Please feel free to read more of this article by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

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What You Need To Make Serious Money Online

Only few are making serious money online. Why?
Everyday people are searching the net hoping to find a magic way to make money online. Only few are actually making some serious money online and the rest are struggling. Too much information and is hard to weed out most of the trash on the net.
There are tons of ways to make money online but nothing matters if you don’t know how to work it yourself. You must learn to master few simple skills and knowledge. Amazingly, 70% of folks that are trying to make money online are missing out from the power of the Internet.
Most people believe that your ability to generate traffic to your site will determine your success. That might not be very true and here’s why.
Let’s say I own two site’s selling the same product. Site A generate 1,000+ visitors a day and site B generate only 200+ a day. At the end of the month, site B earns me more money than site A. Why is that? What’s wrong with this scenario?
I’m not saying that driving traffic to your site is not important but why waste your effort generating lots of traffic but your site just not making a sale for you? You see, if you want to make money online you must know how to tap the power of the Internet.
You must implement 3 main things carefully.
1. make sure your product or service sells itself
2. Your website should be a strong and powerful sales page.
3. Then you can drive as much traffic as you can to your site.
A product that can be delivered instantly after the customer orders takes maximum advantage of the Internet and the customers desire for immediate gratification. We all want it now. And when we know we are going to get it now – we are much more likely to place the order.
That’s why information and software products are the hottest selling products on the net today. You can create your own digital product or sell other people’s product as an affiliate.
2. Your website should be a strong and powerful sales page.
A Web Site goes for the sale right then. It is exciting, clear and direct . It gets right to the benefits – what the customer will get when they order.
Avoid trying to build a home page with hundreds of links all over it. If you are seeking to make money online, don’t build a home… Build a “Direct Response Web Site” that makes me a clear offer I can’t refuse and gives me an easy, fast way to order. Then you will make money online. You will be able to make money online even from small amounts of traffic.
3. Then you can drive as much traffic as you can to your site.
The 3rd ingredient is Traffic! The more you generate the more money you make online. This is where you should spend most of your time. There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site. To put your site in front millions of hungry buyer almost instantly, google adwords will be your best choice.
That’s it. Those 3 ingredients are the key to make money online.

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EDC Gold – EDC Diamond – Home Based Business Reviews – Scam Or Not

How to get started making money online with a home based business program such as Wealth Funnel System or EDC Gold / EDC Diamond.

If you’re considering starting a home based internet business program or work at home business system such as ‘The Wealth Funnel System’ or EDC Gold & EDC Diamond There are a few things you should consider when making this decision.

The first and foremost question we should answer is: Is EDC Gold, EDC Diamond, or Wealth Funnel System a SCAM?

The answer, NO! The Wealth Funnel System & EDC Gold / EDC Diamond are by far the best and the originators of the internet based home business programs available today. The true benefit to working with Wealth Funnel System, EDC Gold, and EDC Diamond is the education in marketing and support you receive.

The products and software that come with the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond program as well as The Wealth Funnel System are all marketing software that you’ll use in the training you receive with becoming a member of the business. Now, if you expect to ‘get rich quick’ with ‘no effort’ or if someone has lead you to believe that you can make thousands of dollars for doing NOTHING ‘ then yes they are attempting to scam you.

However, if you take the lessons of the 14 hours of LIVE WEBINAR training per week, the personal training from your mentor, and the constant support from the help and support personnel you receive with ‘The Wealth Funnel System’ & EDC Gold / EDC Diamond you’ll find you’ve gotten something that usually cost much more than 997.00.

You’ll find you’ve gotten a ‘REAL WORLD’ education in practical and functional internet marketing of a home business or any business that you can think up to work from home or work at home while you make you living and earn income online.

It’s really not rocket science to market online. You simply need a little support and the right training. Once you learn to market online with the methods we teach you to run your home based business program with The Wealth Funnel System, EDC Gold & EDC Diamond. You’ll instantly start earning 997.00 per sale several time per week.

Depending on the amount of effort you put forth to start learning and watching the LIVE training the faster you’ll start seeing you’re business grow. Most of my personal team members that are instructed by me (Derrick Harper) or one of my team members typically can expect to begin making between 5 to 8 sales their first 30 to 45 days.

As you generate more sales and put forth more efforts in the marketing of your home based business making money online I and or Craig Garcia, Michael Corcoran of The Wealth Funnel System, EDC Gold & EDC Diamond will show you even more effective ways to market your online business from home.

If you decide to become a member of The Wealth Funnel System then after you’ve become a savvy Internet Marketer you’ll be shown how to set-up other affiliated marketing products to sell that yield you even more streams of revenue to assist you in making more money online while you work from home with your home based business.

Something else you should consider before you decide to join a home based business program such as EDC Gold, The Wealth Funnel System, or EDC Diamond. I personally started my attempts with making money from home with an online business as a failure. I failed miserably at my first home business that I joined because of ONE THING. No support and no training. My so called ‘mentor’ disappeared with my money and never answered a call again. However, don’t let this story discourage you. If you will take the time to find the right mentor and right home business program you CAN be successful and generate a great income online wile you work at home.

Remember, the REAL value of a home based business program is to give you and education on HOW TO MARKET ONLINE. I personally put my own training DVD’s together to assist those people whom have signed up with a failure program and gotten NO training or support. If you fall into this category and don’t want to spend another 997.00 or 999.00 to start with a better system such as EDC Gold, Wealth Funnel System, or EDC Diamond then I recommend you try my Definitive Video Guide to Starting and Growing Your Online Business, or The Definitive Video Guide To Using Google Adwords to assist you in advertising your current business that you’re already invested in. You can learn more about these Internet Marketing Training Courses at DefinitiveVideoGuide dot com.

If you’re just starting out with your search for the best Home Business Program to join and learn from then I highly recommend you at least take the time to read the information on ‘The Wealth Funnel System’ and call me, Derrick Harper and feel free to ask me a any questions you may have about starting your own home based business and how to work from home using your computer to make money.

I’ll be happy to speak with you about the process of learning to marketing online and starting your online home based business.

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Small Company Rock the Networking Industry

The cell phone has become an integral and, for some, essential communications tool that has helped owners gain help in emergencies. Worldwide sales of cell phones showed strong growth. Africa has seen faster growth in mobile telephone subscriptions than any other region of the world over the last five years.
In 2004, worldwide mobile phone shipments saw their strongest year-to-year increase in history, rising 34% from 2003 to 2004 with 692 million units shipped in a massive expansion driven by the demand for color displays and camera phones throughout the world. The camera-enabled cellular phone market is booming, as shipments are expected to reach nearly 1 billion units by the end of this decade, according to a new report.
There are professional charts that say there are 2.28 BILLION PHONES being used out there…
It seems that cell phone manufacturers have just realized a potential untapped market with cell phones for kids. The i-Kids mobile can track your child’s location with an accuracy up to 5 meters via satellite. The gadget also has built-in cellular functions including the ability to dial four preprogrammed numbers and the GPS function even works when the device is shut down.
But, have you ever had your cell phone go dead on you when you really need to use it? So, everyone needs one portable Cell Phone Charger.
In this field, a small company named aaTCM Inc. is breaking the record for the fastest company. Charger and within 10 days negotiated a WORLD-WIDE Exclusive, opened a software tracking system, assembled a Billion Dollar Management Team, designed the MOST POWERFUL Marketing plan in The World, Purchased every available product Voxred had in inventory, and committed to 8.9 Million Dollar Purchase Order over the next weeks’Over 2 million dollars in sales in just 12 business days and with currently over 40,000 demonstrators. Join is FREE.
The chargers are for emergency use. Not a permanent substitute for a wall or car charger. The aaTurbo Charger will allow “up to” 2 hours talk time when plugged in to a phone with a dying (dead) battery. More info:
clik here

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Home Improvement: 5 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

When it comes to interior home decor, it’s easy to get into a rut. Often, we’re so used to our surroundings that we don’t notice when things start to look a little worn or dreary. Over time, a certain malaise can set in. It’s not that we’re unhappy with our homes; rather, it’s that our living spaces no longer trigger the sparks of contentment and feelings of refuge that they once did. Happily, it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to do a little home improvement and spruce up our home decor. Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint costs very little, takes only a day or two of time, and can quickly bring light and airiness to your home. Quick tip: If you’re considering a major change in color, paint a cardboard square that color and hang it up on the wall for a day or two in order to get a feel for what the color will look like at various times of the day and evening.

2. Screens and Room Dividers

Over the last decade, many homes have been built with great rooms that flow from the foyer to the living room, dining room, and kitchen. While many people embrace this kind of open architecture, others feel that it robs living space of intimacy. For an inexpensive way to divide rooms, look to privacy screens. Known as shoji screens in Japan, these screens are typically four feet tall and have two, three, or four panels. They serve to create smaller, cozier spaces within a larger room, and their portability enables you to rearrange them periodically to bring a fresh look to your dining or living room.

3. Lighting

The fastest way to change the mood of your home decor is to change the lighting. If you have overhead lights, switch to wall sconces. If your dining room needs a pick-me-up, install a new chandelier. Re-lighting a bathroom can have a dramatic impact, as can adding table lamps to end tables in the living room.

4. Create More Space

If your living quarters are small or simply cluttered, there are many interior home decor techniques you can use to make the space seem larger. For example, use nesting tables to conserve space in your living room and buy a coffee table with a lid or drawers that add storage space. Similarly, baskets can be both decorative and functional, giving you a place to put your magazines, craft supplies, or even your table linens.

5. State Your Style

You can easily add your own personal flavor to a room by implementing a theme. Whether your tastes run to Shabby Chic, Cape Cod, Southwestern, or Mediterranean, you can begin to incorporate pieces that reflect your aesthetic. Carry the style through with throw rugs, decorative pillows, and artwork. Changing up fabric patterns, textures, and fabrications can quickly shift the mood of a room.

Freshening up your home doesn’t require a lot of money; it just requires some imagination. So take home improvement to the next level by sprucing up a room or two. You’ll feel invigorated and your home will once again feel like your refuge.

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Home Business Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur

Many people who want to start a home business look for home business tips that can make their lives much easier by learning from others. Many small business owners will happily share their business tips with you in order to get your business off the ground. Most of the time home business tips are practical, but depending on what type of business you are going into will determine what kind of tips are useful.
Many times common sense and plain old practical information is the key. The most common home business tip is to learn as much about your business as possible, particularly from others who are successful now. Knowledge truly is power. You need to understand your market, the customers, your competitors and your business inside and out to truly succeed. Don’t expect any short cuts; starting a business requires hard work and lots of thought and preparation before you begin.
Learning from your competitor is another great way to absorb knowledge. Your competitor has probably been through the same pitfalls as you and somehow succeeded. Look at how your competitor does business and try to follow his strengths. If you see a flaw in your competitor, try to capitalize on it.
Talk to other small business owners. Many small business owners are in the same boat as you and are always looking for people to talk to about how to get their business off the grown and be profitable, use the many home business forums and resources such as magazines and books. If you are looking for great home business tips, check out the above resources. Another way to get information is to look for SBA sites in your area. They dispense information that will help you write a business plan and obtain funding if you are eligible. Do your due diligence before your open the doors.

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